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Illum Digital Marketing helps bridge that gap between you and your customers using digital marketing solutions unique to your local San Jose business. We use a custom mixed approach composed of SEOSocial MediaPPC, content marketing, and Website Design. Illum Digital stands confident in attracting and providing your business inbound leads which convert into new customers. We also provide service for local businesses in the surrounding Bay Area as well. Make sure to explore our Services page for in-depth information on what we offer. Illum Digital is the right choice for your Digital Marketing in San Jose.

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We create beautiful and fast websites that bring your local business leads and revenue

Everybody uses Google search these days. Outrank your local competitors on Google with a local SEO strategy.​

Improve your branding and grow your customer community by using social media platforms​

PPC Google Ads allows your local business to Pay Per Click on the Google Search Engine

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What Makes Us Different from Other Local Bay Area Marketing Agencies

We take a custom approach to each local business campaign. Illum Digital ensures that we implement a strategy that will perform well to meet their goals. We are a full service agency, meaning we can handle everything from building an SEO-friendly website to launching and managing your social media ads.

Collaboration and transparency are very critical to us. Illum Digital wants to be more than just another local ad agency. We want to become an extension to your local business and deliver online marketing solutions that both parties can be ecstatic about.

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Social Media Marketing

Our Marketing Agency Builds and Develops Beautiful Websites that are SEO Optimized


As a new and hungry San Jose advertising agency, we take pride and consider ourselves SEO experts in the SF Bay Area. Our digital agency understands quality web design and search engine optimization done correctly. User experience and content are most important for a cohesive website that has a strong search engine optimization. We design human friendly web pages, but we also integrate technical SEO which will help your local business rank on Google and customers will be able to find you quickly. We integrate analytical trackers in able to view and manage important traffic metrics and statistics.

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How Does Organic SEO Help my Local San Jose Business?

Organic SEO makes your local business stand out on Google. Its approaching 2020 and nearly everyone uses Google Search when they need local services. The most important aspect of SEO marketing is the content: your website must be clear, effective, and concise. It must be able to present its message to your target audience in a fast manner. Ranking your website on Google can be a smooth process with the right experts are handling it.


Web Design That Converts into Sales

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We develop and design high lead converting websites that get your customers attention and keep them engaging with your website. A well designed website will create simplicity and satisfaction for your customers. With a combination of webdesign and search engine optimization, your business online presence will improve.


Our Social Media Marketing Keeps Your Local Business Trending in San Jose, CA

 Illum Digital prides itself in being familiar ad well trained on all major social media platforms. We help local businesses master their internet marketing with reaching more customers on Facebook using tailored methods to promote your local brand while building a community.

Our social media management strategies offer local business owners new way to acquire leads using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Let us handle your ads management, growth strategies, and content creation. Our main focus is to create a connection between you and your consumers 

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Customized Social Media Plans

Illum Digital collaborates with your business to put together and implement a a tailored social media marketing plan that is creative, consistent, and builds local brand awareness. Our digital marketing agency also take the time to personally meet with you here in San Jose, CA or anywhere in the Bay Area. We will look over your current social media presence on the web and determine what needs improvement and what is working. Our goal is to maximize your social media ad spend and continue to optimize giving you a improving return on investment.


Get More Traffic using PPC Google Digital Advertising

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 Google pay-per-click is a strategy in which you can bid on multiple keywords on the Google search engine. Google Pay per click can be a very effective strategy in different situations; maybe your local SEO has not kicked in yet, or your local area is very competitive

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great approach for long-term growth, sometimes you really need an immediate boost. Illum Digital offers PPC campaign management, ensuring that the money you spend is put to work for your business. PPC is also great if your SEO might not have kicked in yet; or if your local SEO is very competitive.



Unlike SEO, which is solely organic traffic. Pay per click is a form of paid digital advertising where the business owner is charged a fee each time their ad is clicked. The term PPC is more centered towards Google Ad words which helps your ad stand out on Google search engine. PPC advertising will display your ad on top of google search results with an “Ad” icon next to the URL. Organic local SEO may take anywhere from 3-12 months to rank your local business depending on competition and other unique factors.  PPC on Google Ad-words will display your business on the first page, but it comes with a cost per click.


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Are You Ready For More Traffic, Leads, and Higher Rankings?

Are you a local business owner and ready to start gaining more leads, traffic and sales? Contact us today via phone or email so you can speak with one of our experts. If you would like to meet in the San Jose, CA area we will be glad to do so also.  We can guide your local business in the right direction in order to conquer versus your local competitors.

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You can schedule a call today and take your first steps into generating new leads by promoting your business online. You’ll be talking to a digital marketing expert ready to brainstorm and create a plan for you.

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Generate a Plan

Illum Digital will create and map out where your business is currently and we will show you a road map to reach your goals using digital marketing. Our ad agency is focused on generating results for our local business owners.

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Implement your Marketing

Once we have a solid plan in place, the Illum Digital team will implement the adjustments by creating a scope of the total work that is custom to your local business.