The 4 Layers for Successful Local Business Marketing in 2020 (Short Guide)

Illum Digital | Jan 28, 2020

Local Business Marketing

Many small businesses are not using digital marketing correctly. I will show you the 4 most important layers for local business digital marketing. This is a short but resourceful guide, if interested, you will have a chance to download the full guide (PDF) at the end of the article.

local business marketing

When it comes to digital marketing for small-medium sized local businesses, it can be broken down to 4 foundational layers. Picture a pyramid, starting from the bottom layer all the way up. The bottom of the pyramid being the largest element and acting as the strong foundation. These foundational layers include:

The 4 Layers of Local Marketing


*Full Guide goes in depth on all the key points below.

Website Design

Many small business owners already have websites, but in reality, most small business websites are inefficient and not well designed meaning they do not convert at all. They are poorly made with no structure or branded uniformity. Without a strong, branded website, other marketing efforts such as social media ads and SEO will become useless. These are the main keys for an optimal website for your business:

  • Branding – Logo, Color Scheme, etc.
  • User Experience – Site Speed, Navigation, etc.
  • Engaging Content – Does your website keep the visitor interested and engaged?
  • Conversion Optimization – Call to actions present?

Local Search Engine Optimization

 For those who don’t know what this is, SEO is the process of making your companies website show up on local Google searches and rank towards the top of the page. 

SEO is the next foundational layer on top of website design. SEO can get very technical and gritty, but if the business made their website the correct way, explained above, they are halfway complete with SEO.  These are the main elements to master for your business to show up on the first page of Google when searched:

  • Branding/Authority – Does your brand have authority? 
  • User Experience – Google can detect poor U.E.
  • Conversions – Contact form conversions. 
  • Technical SEO – Keywords, H tags, Meta tags, Backlinks, Sitemap. 
  • Citation – Consistent NAP

Social Media Marketing / PPC

Next layer of the pyramid is Social Media Marketing or Pay per click Ads; Many businesses owners skip proper web design and local SEO implementation and go straight to Facebook or Instagram Ads; which is a huge mistake. If your website/landing page is not set up correctly, no matter how much you spend on Facebook Ads, your ads will not convert.

These are the key elements for your social media marketing: 

  • Facebook Pixel  – Tracks visitors and conversions. 
  • Custom Audiences – Organize audiences
  • Re-targeting – Re target visitors who took action before
  • Campaign Mapping – Game-plan for your ad campaign

Optimization and Analytical Reporting

The last element; top of the pyramid is Analytics and Optimization. After your business has its beautiful website up and running, local SEO implemented and social media ads running; you need a method to track and analyze vital metrics involving your marketing efforts. Your marketing and SEO campaigns require constant review and optimization using Google Analytics, Keyword Movement Reporting, and Facebook Analytics.

  • Keyword Reporting – Track progression of SEO
  • Google Analytics reporting – See who is visiting your website, how long, and how.
  • Facebook Analytics & insights – Key metrics from FB ad campaigns. 

Did You Want The Full Guide?

It is highly recommended that you strategize your marketing efforts in this order from bottom of the pyramid to the top. Web Design, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, and then Optimization. 

Creating an effective marketing plan is critical to your local business in the long run. If you’re looking for more online leads, having a structured marketing plan for your business is crucial.

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