3 Marketing Tips For Your Local Business During COVID Pandemic

Illum Digital | April 1st, 2020

I hope you all are staying safe out there. My name is Omar Macedo and I run a marketing firm in San Jose, CA. I wrote this article so I can assist small local business owners with marketing tips and web presence during the COVID Pandemic!

The corona virus is here and not leaving anytime soon. No one knows when life and business will return to normal and it has caused global markets to crash.

This all means you as a business owner or freelancer will be affected.

The Bay Area has activated a shelter in place, and it has deeply affected local businesses. Many have forced to closed down, others lost majority of their customers, and most are working with a minimum force and/or remote.  

Marketing Local Business Covid

Opportunity of a Lifetime for
Bay Area Businesses

You can seriously look at this like an opportunity of a lifetime. Its well known that this corona virus outbreak is going to affect the economy for months to come;

That also means a lot of your competitors will be weaker or they will simply disappear. This transitions into a less competitive environment for your business.

Everything is transitioning online at a rapid rate, and even more with the COVID situation. This is the perfect time to build your digital online presence (website, social media, search engine optimization)

No Need to Panic

This may be an opportunity you may not want to pass on. I understand, some small businesses are in immediate danger of going out of business, but there are steps you can take and different avenues you can approach in order to get through this situation.

This goes for essential and non-essential businesses. I urge you to read this short article on how you come out top during this pandemic….

Marketing Local Business Covid

Tip #1:
Focus on Existing Customers

You need to be communicating with existing customers via email or social media, it is much less costly to market to existing customers rather than trying to get new ones. Now is the time to maximize revenue from existing customers.

Social distancing has made an everlasting impact on physical interaction but you can still use email campaigns or social media advertising campaigns to keep your existing customers drawn to you!

Can you offer special deals? Can you change or speed up your service? The Question here is what else can you do to help your existing customers?

Here at Illum Digital, some of our clients are focusing on email campaigns offering special deals and also adding additional services  during the COVID pandemic.

Tip #2:
Adapt and Transition Online

If you’re a brick and motor business, “non-essential” business , clothing business, etc. You may be on pause, but this is the time to focus on transforming your business into an online business. This is the time to focus on your website design , Google search ranking, or even set up product pages on your website if you sell physical product.

Home services, restaurants, automotive businesses etc.; are still operating but they must make key adjustments in order to survive. Their online communication channels, processes and social media platforms must be up and running smoothly.

Can customers contact you on social media? Can they contact you through your website? Are you updating and offering deals on your website? If you serve food, are you offering free delivery or a free item?

Tip #3:
If You Can, Invest In Marketing Or Your Website

Many of your local competitors have their foot off the marketing pedal right now, which means you have the advantage to blow right by them. If you’re in home, automotive,  or food services, you may benefit tremendously from Facebook and Google ads offering free delivery, a special offer, or a discounted service.

The Shelter in place order has people using their cell phones for everything, people are visiting your website and getting a feel for your brand and services, now is the time to properly design and upgrade your website!

Of course, we all realize that many local businesses are not able to invest in marketing due to the pandemic. However, there are businesses that are still operating and even some businesses that are receiving more inquires (plumbers, take out food, cleaning service, etc)

This is the perfect opportunity to invest more in marketing and gain the competitive advantage in months and years to come!

Don't Give In

Hopefully the corona virus passes through quickly, it is very scary times for local business owners; but times like these are when winners win. Are you going to give up, shelter in your mental cave and undergo hibernation? Or are you going to grow and use this situation to you advantage and come out on top?

As for marketing, this is time for you to double down and get to work; be greedy when other people are fearful. (Warren Buffet) Hopefully you enjoyed my input on local business marketing during the COVID Pandemic.

Marketing Local Business Covid

If you’re a local service based business looking for assistance during these troubling times or if you want to get more out of your online advertising, contact us today by calling (408) 341-9313 or by sending us a message online.

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If you want more local marketing tips here is our **full guide


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