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Did you know that 48% of all Google searches request local business information? And over 90% of users do not search past the first page? Let Illum Digital help your business gather more leads and increase your page rankings. Search Engine Optimization can be a very intimidating and daunting task; let us guide you through your SEO services and attract you more valuable clients in San Jose.

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO elevates and positions your local business in front of potential customers searching for you or your services on Google search. By utilizing and leveraging the Google search engine, you can get many more leads and customers calling in from your local area. Our goal is to rank your local business on the first page, this process usually takes anywhere between 3-12 months; depending on many factors such as your website, technical SEO, competition in your marketplace, reviews, and content. Many local San Jose businesses rely on local SEO services to get more customers without actually paying for expensive advertising.

  • 85% of local business searches on a mobile device (phone, tablet) end up calling or visiting the local business within 24 hours.
  • 88% of people search the location of a business on Google Maps.
  • 93% of searchers will pick local businesses that are on the first page of the Google search results 
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A Methodical SEO Approach for your San Jose Business

Local SEO San JOose

Illum Digital take a methodical approach when it comes to Local SEO. The Key to successful SEO for your business starts with a beautiful and fast website. Many business owner ignore this crucial part of the SEO process. After Illum Digital develops and designs a beautiful website; we make sure it is SEO optimized by revising and creating citations, social profiles, and directory listings. We run an audit to correct any technical issues and implement a content marketing strategy such as blogging in order to create authority and freshness for your website. 

We Start With Local San Jose Keyword Research

Once Illum Digtal completes our audit and technical analysis of your business and website, we then determine the best combination of SEO keywords for your local business to target. Keyword research is one of the most important aspects in SEO. Our main objective is to identify high volume, low competition keywords in your niche using are SEO tools after we conduct a full market analysis.  

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Some ways we find your local SEO keywords

Utilizing keyword research tools: Illum Digital starts the keywords research process by looking at what people are searching in your local area. Using this valuable data, we generate a list of suggested keywords to target.

Analyzing your San Jose competitors: We will identify your competitors and then identify what they are ranking for; this will give us insight on what to target. We start by taking an in depth look into their highest ranking keywords and we find out how they are ranking. Our job is to surpass the competition by creating higher quality content for your local San Jose business.

Asking you what keywords you want: Our mission is to have open communication with the business owner. First, we as the business owner which keywords they want to target. By understanding your keyword suggestions, we can cross analyze with our data and make rational recommendations based on our analysis. Keyword analysis is very important, and often overlooked; your customers searching habits are often a great resource when it comes to find new leads.

Content Marketing for your Website

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The best converting websites do more than just sell; they educate and attract customers with valuable content that compliments and enhances your local San Jose brand. That’s the value that turns interested visitors into loyal customers. Local businesses that utilize content marketing, can cement their business as an industry leader that delivers quality insights—and inspire users to explore your web page and offerings.

We can also push this quality content across your social media channels (FacebookInstagramYouTube)  to attract even more traffic back to your website. Our proven content marketing strategies create quality, SEO-friendly content that interests and engages potential and current customers on an emotional and intellectual level; Illum Digital specializes in blogging, creating beautiful landing pages and service pages. These strategies also make use of leading SEO tactics to help you hit your marketing goals. Our content marketing efforts can position your San Jose local business for digital success. Search engines love a website that adds new content on a regular basis

Building Backlinks for your San Jose Business

Your website design and content is only one factor of the SEO process. To make the content stand out and shine, your local business needs various high quality backlinks that will improve your local San Jose SEO rankings. We pride ourselves as SEO experts and we collaborate with a network of bloggers to get high quality backlinks for your website.


Using Social Media to Amplify SEO

Local San Jose social media marketing is not to be ignored in 2020. Social profiles and signals are a key part of Googles ranking factor for local businesses. Social media awareness and branding can have immediate results and boost SEO rankings due to the branded query’s after a social media engagement campaign. 

Most likely, customers will perform a search of your local business after they see an ad on social media. This will add to your SEO efforts because Googles algorithm favors to local brands and if customers are searching for your brand, Google will boost your page rankings.

Measuring Performance for your Local SEO

As parts of the San Jose SEO process, we constantly go over analytics and determine if the initial strategy is working. If Illum Digital determines that some aspects of your campaign are not performing well, we will identify the issue or issues and adjust carefully without furthering any ranking damage. Some of our key factors: 

Keyword Movement Reporting: The initial keywords that are first chosen in the beginning of the SEO campaign are tracked. They are tracked in order to see movement progression or regression. Illum Digital analyzes and reports these results to the business owners in a monthly report so they can see the overall progress.

Google Analytics ReportingGoogle Analytics is a valuable tool Illum Digital uses to discover re-optimizing opportunities in your local SEO campaign. With this valuable data, we will present your traffic segmented by, age, location, gender, income, behavior, search device, and much more.

Executive Reporting: At the end of each month, your local business will receive an executive report that states all of our efforts and optimization on your web page. This will include details about rankings, directories, analytics, search results, and much much more. 

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Local SEO

Everybody uses Google search these days. Outrank your local competitors on Google with a local SEO strategy.

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We create beautiful and fast websites that bring your local business leads and revenue

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Improve your branding and grow your customer community by using social media platforms

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PPC Google Ads allows your local business to Pay Per Click on the Google Search Engine

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