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Power of Social Media

Social Media Marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to create brand awareness, engagement and loyalty for your local business. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube put millions of potential consumers at your fingertips, and allow businesses to connect with their audience on a personal and deeper level. The incredible power and growth of Social Media over the years proves that it can’t be ignored anymore by businesses. Twitter has over 800 million, and Facebook reigns supreme with over 1.1 billion along with Instagram. Illum Digital prides itself on having a proprietary social media marketing method that is well tested and successful on all major social media platforms; we are glad to serve many small businesses with their social media marketing in your local marketplace.


Our Local Philsospy for Social Media Marketing



Illum Digital is determined to bring your businesses more leads and awareness. Social Media Marketing is much more than receiving likes on Instagram or Facebook. We take a methodical approach which involves a 3 step process that aligns with the local business goals. We do various types of campaigns such as lead generation, engagement, promotions, discounts, and giveaways. Illum Digital s main goal is to maximize your return on investment and ensure your local audience is persistently engaging with your post and business online.  


We game plan each campaign with a deep dive into your immediate needs online. We then established a concrete strategy for creating an integrated campaign that not only leverages the power of multiple social channels working together, but that aligns with related digital marketing efforts such as SEO or PPC. This 360 approach ensures you are delivering a cohesive voice and brand message across all marketing platforms. Social media marketing has the potential to expand and blow up your local business to your nearby Bay Area neighbors. 

Social Media Marketing San Jose

Social Media Marketing Keeps Your Business Trending

Social Media Marketing San Jose


Illum Digital is well familiar and very well trained on all the big and most active social media platforms such as FacebookInstagramYoutube, and Twitter. We utilize these platforms for local businesses by reaching more potential customers using methodical and proven methods. We will promote your brand and build a community around your local business. 

A local business without a social media presence is leaving a lot on the table. A simple yet effective strategy can increase your revenue and bring in new customers from your local area. 


Customized Social Media Plans

Illum Digital makes a great effort to collaborate and fully understand your business. Before we start any campaign we will gather valuable information such as your business structure, your ideal customer demographics,  trend analysis, etc. Our goal is to create a custom social media marketing plan which is creative, effective, and BOLD! 

We will take the time to personally meet with you anywhere in the Bay Area and discuss these factors. We will analyze your current social media presence and determine areas of improvement. Our goal is to maximize your social media ad spend and providing you with an improving return on investment 




San Jose Social Media Marketing

Our Other Services

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Website Design

We create beautiful and fast websites that bring your local business leads and revenue

Social Media

Improve your branding and grow your customer community by using social media platforms

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Why Choose Illum Digital as your San Jose Digital Marketing Agency?

Illum Digital has been is dedicated to providing a wide range of internet marketing in San Jose. Our core values involve integrity, dedication, and executing massive action. When you choose Illum Digital as your San Jose advertising agency, you can expect:

  • Extreme Customer Focus– We do not have a one size fits all approach. We learn, analyze and understand your business and its goals first. Illum Digital will then develop a custom strategic online marketing plan that will act as your firms road map for your custom campaign. Your business goals will be the main factor into developing the right plan.
  • No Contracts- Our online advertising agency believes in providing RESULTS to our clients and a positive return on investment.
  • Dedicated Market Expert– Your business will get direct access; open communication with a team member who will be implementing your digital marketing plan.
  • Data Driven– As experts with Google Analytics, and other social media analytic platforms, we make all of our decision are data driven.
  • Clear and Timely Reporting- We provide in depth, custom campaign reporting and tracking of important analytic metrics so you can easily monitor your progress and ROI.

Three More Steps to More Traffic, Leads and Higher Google Ranking

Are you a local business owner and ready to start gaining more leads, traffic and sales? Contact us today via phone or email so you can speak with one of our experts. If you would like to meet in the San Jose, CA area we will be glad to do so also.  We can guide your local business in the right direction in order to conquer versus your local competitors.

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You can schedule a call today and take your first steps into generating new leads by promoting your business online. You’ll be talking to a digital marketing expert ready to brainstorm and create a plan for you.

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Generate a plan

Illum Digital will create and map out where your business is currently and we will show you a road map to reach your goals using digital marketing. Our ad agency is focused on generating results for our local business owners.

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Implement your Marketing

Once we have a solid plan in place, the Illum Digital team will implement the adjustments by creating a scope of the total work that is custom to your local business.